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Quick Q&A: HAF Holiday Club Provider

Updated: May 23

HAF Programme - Holiday Club

Check out our 'Quick Q&A' session with a Holiday Club Provider following their Easter HAF Programme, where our 'Active Healthy Happy' activity books were used as part of their provision - here's what they had to say...

1. Can you tell us about the holiday club programme and how the activity books contributed to it?


"Our holiday club programme is all about making healthy living fun for kids, we mainly focus on sport so the activity books supplied were brilliant and ideal for helping us focus on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and all-around wellness. The books were like little companions for the kids (and us!), guiding them through some fun activities that sneakily taught them about healthy habits. They were a perfect fit for our programme."


2. How did the children interact with the activity books during their sessions?


"Oh, they really liked them, I think because they weren't your typical printed booklet or worksheet, and were packed with lots of activities, they enjoyed working their way through them. They especially liked the fitness challenges, health trackers, puzzles and games."


3. What impact did you observe from the use of print activity books on the children's development and enjoyment?


"Huge impact. Not only were the kids having a blast, but they were also learning without even realising it. The activity books sparked conversations about healthy choices, boosted their confidence, and got them moving. And you could see the joy on their faces as they completed each activity - very rewarding."


4. In today's digital age, why do you believe print activity books are still important for children's enrichment?


"Good question! In a world full of screens, print activity books offer something special. They give kids a break from the digital noise and let them dive into something tactile and engaging. Plus, when it comes to topics like nutrition and mindfulness, there's something about holding a physical book that just clicks. It's like the difference between watching a cooking show and actually getting your hands dirty in the kitchen."


5. Can you share any success stories or anecdotes that highlight the effectiveness of the activity books in your holiday club programme?


"Absolutely! We had one little boy who used to turn his nose up to any conversation around nutrition, but after getting into the activity books, he slowly started understanding the importance of tracking health goals such as drinking enough water each day to stay fit and focused and even got his friends in on the action. It was amazing to see the transformation. It just goes to show the power of a fun, interactive tool like a print activity book in shaping kids' habits and attitudes."


Above are extracts taken from an interview with a holiday club coordinator for a sporting association running sessions for the HAF programme.

If you would like to find out more about the activity books they used as part of his HAF run sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch;

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