Rainbow Factory

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Our Journey

Imagination & Creativity Can Change the World.

The journey began in 2015 when the doors of a magical storytelling haven opened called the Rainbow Factory. Thousands of children came to visit the theatrical story-based setting over the five years that it was open.


Then, due to the pandemic in 2020, COVID-19, the doors had to be permanently closed - however, the people behind the Rainbow Factory didn't let that stop them from empowering children through the magic of storytelling.

From the passion and belief in children's imagination, came the Rainbow Factory's re-birth; The Wonder Company.

Our Wonder Book publications spark imaginations through interactive crafts, puzzles and activities.

The WOW Club is an exciting monthly activity box subscription for 5-10 yr olds delivering incredibly fun, adventures, set to ignite children's imaginations like never before.

Our collection of other EXCLUSIVE gifts and games on The Wonder Company shop,  designed and delivered by us, are perfect for children who like to use their imagination.

Not forgetting the Rainbow Factory ...
The Rainbow Factory will always hold a special place for us and we will continue to work with the many founding partners, schools and customers to continue the magic of children's imagination through the Healthy Holiday programme and other supporting events, but trading as The Wonder Company. 

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