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Balancing Parrot Activity

We LOVE this activity (due to be published in our Pirate edition of the Wonder Adventure in 2023) is the Balancing Parrot.

This activity is a hugely popular - not only because it's super simple, yet impressive, but all ages can enjoy it too!

Here are a couple of our incredible 'Wonderers' creating their own flock!

Want to have a go?! No problem.

You can download your own template right here, see below... (you'll just need some glue & coin)

Balancing Parrot
Download PDF • 4.02MB

Plus, see below our how-to video demonstration for how to do it.

Good luck and enjoy!

PS. Don't forget to ask an adult to share how you got on #TheWonderCompanyUK #BalancingParrot

How-to Demonstration

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