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5 Reasons Why Kids will LOVE the Wonder Book

We have taken our years of experience with working with hundreds of schools and hosting thousands of children during uniquely themed events and parties, to collaborate, collate and create a themed activity book (called The Wonder Book), for children in preschool to Year 4, that we know they’ll absolutely love!

Here's the 5 reasons why this has been named the 'Best Activity Book of the Year' ...

  1. Over 100+ incredible activities and ideas - including a huge array of puzzles, games, crafts, experiments, colouring, jokes, top tips, key facts and so much more!

  2. It's educational, themed & hours of FUN (away from screens!) and a brilliant go-to book during lockdown - we've worked with teachers from all over the UK to collaborate, collate and create The Wonder Book.

  3. It's the the perfect continued learning activity book for outside of the classroom - supported by Teachers themselves, this is the perfect continued learning activity book outside of the classroom. FULLY themed and full to the brim of FUN inspiring activities and ideas, this activity book will provide HOURS of entertainment.

  4. It's specially designed to support both children’s academic development and mental wellbeing - Activity books help children to escape from worry, they provide a positive and meaningful focus that support children’s sense of accomplishment and self-worth. They also encourage your child to spend one-to-one time with you, which also supports their wellbeing. We have developed a number of activities and ideas for children that they can do with your help and that you will both enjoy!

  5. It's Ad FREE and learning friendly! - There are NO ads, yep, NO ads, meaning you know that your child is not being bombarded with additional marketing messages and loud statements that makes them to lose interest – the design has been developed to allow children understand the activity in hand and remain focused.

For more information, visit our shop to order your copy!

Or if you have any questions, email us or call 0113 257 5750


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