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3D Easter Card Craft - FREE Download

We love a little Easter craft here at The Wonder Company - so we thought we'd share the love of Easter with you... herewith an idea of how to make a 3D Easter Card very simply, but very inventive!

Take a look at our quick video guide and the simple steps below...


Download your Easter Egg Template here and colour in 3 eggs

TWC_Easter Eggs
Download PDF • 1.38MB


Draw and cut out your bunny, making sure you add the bunny's hands separately - or use our template provided

TWC_Rabbit template
Download PDF • 199KB


Use sticky tabs to create a 3D look to the card and stick the bunny head first, along with the hands and eggs second. Don't forget to write Happy Easter on the front.


Share your creations with us on either facebook or instagram @thewondercompanyuk


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