Our Birthday Parties Are back! 

At a venue of your choice

The Wonder Company's birthday parties are like no other - and that's why they're so popular with children and parents alike!


With talented performers leading your party-goers through a theatrical storytelling experience and a variety of unforgettable fun activities - it's no wonder we're known as a five-star party provider!
Forget worrying about how to entertain your child's friends and what games to play - ditch the stress and hand the job over to us! 

We guarantee a party for your birthday boy or girl, and all their pals, filled with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Party Includes: 


Character Meet & Greet
(your party host & entertainers)

Themed Activities,
Theatrical Fun, Crafts & 

Mini Disco with Prizes!
(& Bubbles)

Cake Ceremony 

Party Packages:



Up to 20 Children 


Up to 30 children / 4PM Onwards 


Tailored party, up to 30 children

Party Extras: 

All you need:

Food Boxes & Drinks - £3.75 each

(Just provide the sandwiches)

Premium Party Bags - £3.75 each

Cake Boxes - £3.75 (Pack of 10)

Balloon Arch Kit - £20 
(With instructions)

For more information, click here 

Time Slots 

Weekends Only:

day time

10AM or 11AM 

from £199 


2PM or 3PM 
from £199



from £255


Areas we cover:

Leeds, Bradford and surrounding areas including Harrogate. 


Please note:

Bookings are for 2 hours including set up and clear-up. 

Each party will receive the following: 

60+ minutes of entertainment & activities, plus

15+ minutes for the mini disco & cake ceremony 

Please allow for: 

30 mins set-up
(before party guests arrive) 


15 minutes for clear-up

(while children are eating)


If booking for more than 30 children please call us on 0113 2575750

Please read our party
** terms & conditions **
before booking! 

Step 1
BOOK your Venue

Step 2

Step 3
Select Time & Book!

1. Your Venue

Your venue, your theme, your perfect party! 


We'll come to your chosen venue* and bring with us all the magic of a birthday party that we can muster up to ensure your child has a party to remember! 

When booking your venue, please make sure you ask them if they have any table and chairs available and also what facilities they have on site such as a kitchen or toilet (in case we need to prep anything for the party, or need to get changed on site). 


We will be on hand at all times to ensure if you have any problems, that we'll be there to help.



You do not have to have a venue booked before booking us, however we may not be able to move your booking to a different date/time should a venue not be available and all deposits are non-refundable. 

*unfortunately we are unable to visit a personal or home address


2. Available Themes

Artboard 5.png

Heroes Assemble

Superheroes ASSEMBLE! Join our superhero as they take you on an epic adventure.



Join us for Superhero Training! See if you have what it takes to become a true hero by testing your skills and powering up. Complete obstacle courses, training games and even make your own super hero costume!


In the 4+ Parties our heroes are here to save the party from the villains. Work together as the children solve clues, fight evil and save the party!

Activities include:

Drama Games, Obstacle Course, Science Experiments, Arts & Crafts, Slime Making, Biscuit Decorating, Mini-Disco.

Hosted By Super Woman
and Bat Girl

Artboard 7.png

School of Slime


The Nutty Professor has opened their brand new school of slime to teach children all things slime and science. 

Unfortunately, just before the party started the Professor's experiment went wrong and they've lost their memory! With the help of the children they will search the 'lab' to create a new concoction to help restore their memory.

Once their memory has returned they can teach the children all of the exciting slimy experiments and activities they had planned!

Be ready for some messy, science fun!

Activities include:

Obstacle Course, Treasure Hunt, Drama Games, Science Experiments, Slime Making and Mini-Disco

Hosted By the Nutty Professor

Artboard 1.png

Ariel's Deep Sea Adventure

 Dive into the deep sea world as you join our mermaid on on an enchanting adventure.


 Ariel is in trouble, the Sea Witch has stolen her magic seashell which gives her legs to go onto land. Without it, she can't go and see the Prince. The children will need to help her get it back so she can live happily ever after.

The children will search for clues to uncover what happened to the seashell, they will train up in our drama games before restoring the sea to its once magical place, as they make themed crafts, decorate cupcakes and so much more.

Activities include:

Treasure Hunts, Drama Games, Arts & Crafts, Cupcake/Biscuit Decorating, Mini-Disco

Hosted By our Mermaid & Pirate

Artboard 2.png

Kingdom Rescue 

The kingdom is in trouble and we need all the help we can get!

Calling all Princesses and Princes in training, someone has crept their way into the kingdom and are causing havoc.

Join your Fairy Godmother or your Princess choice as they take you on this captivating adventure. Complete obstacle courses, treasure hunts, play a variety of themed drama games, take part in biscuit decorating and so much more as the children prove they have a royal heart as the rid the kingdom of the evil-doers

Activities Include:

Obstacle Course, Treasure Hunts, Drama Games, Biscuit Decorating, Arts & Crafts, Mini-Disco

Hosted by Elsa, Anna, Belle or Cinderella &/or Pirate

Chocolate Factory.png

Chocolate Factory Adventure


The chocolate factory is offering a VIP experience for all those chocolate fanatics out there! 

Underground Goblins are trying to steal the secret recipe!

Head into the cocoa forest, through the obstacles to keep the secrets safe, ward off the goblins and keep the factory safe.


Go to the mixing room to play sweet themed drama games before making your very own chocolate lollipops!

Activities include:

Obstacle Course, Treasure Hunt, Science Experiments, Drama Games, Chocolate & Sherbet Making and Mini-Disco

Hosted By Willamina Wonka

School of Wizardry & Witchcraft.jpg

School of Wizardry & Witchcraft


Enter the realm of magic as you step into this party and learn what it takes to become a true Wizard or Witch.  

Our Hogwarts inspired School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has opened it's doors for a new term, but this term the rumour of the Dragon's Treasure it's too interesting to ignore.


Can the children decipher the clues, complete the challenges and test their magic to find the treasure and pass their first term of School?

Activities Include:

Treasure Hunt, Obstacle Course, Science Experiments (potions), Drama Games, Wand Making and Mini-Disco

Hosted By The High Witch

3. Select Time Slot 

Time Slots


day time

10AM or 11AM 

from £199


2PM or 3PM 
from £199



from £255


Please note:

Bookings are for 2 hours including set up and clear-up. 

Check Availability  & Book 


Click below or call us to find out about our availability.


We can get booked up - so we recommend booking as soon as you can. 

In order to secure your date and time, a £75 deposit is required. 

Please read our party

** terms & conditions **

before booking! 

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